Why I LOVE Being a Therapy Dog

I get to share my love and get lots back

therapy dogLast Friday, I got to visit the students at Hueneme High School, and the experience is a perfect example of why I LOVE being a therapy dog! I mean just look at those faces! It warms my heart that someone like me can make so many people happy!

Team Effort

While I come by my profession naturally, I did have to take classes and hone in on some very important aspects that a therapy dog must perform. But my training started before I even began classes. I had to get adopted by a person who would be my team leader. I’m so lucky to have found my Mommy! We both love to visit others as a therapy dog team.

Therapy Dogs International

I’m registered with Therapy Dogs International. My mommy said she like likes TDI because we can visit any place we want at any time. Plus, once you pass the test with a certified evaluator (my mom is one) and keep updated with your health records and training, you will be amazed at all the ways you can help human beings! Like visiting students at Hueneme High School. Cool!

Check out all the requirements to become a therapy dog team through TDI. One of the most difficult requirements for me was the leave it command. If I can master it, you can too.

Come on dog friends, let’s get to work spreading puppy love all over the world!

I love being a therapy dog!