Getting Support for my Candidacy

Can I count on you for support?

Seven at the post office drumming up support for his candidacyMe and my Mom are very busy getting support for my candidacy right now. Today, we went to the post office to send a letter to Representative Osasio-Cortez asking for her endorsement. We sent her a t-shirt too! I hope she opens the letter. Here it is:

“Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez:

I am writing to you seeking your endorsement for Seven, the official Puppy Party candidate for President of the United States.

“I’m running for president because I believe a dog with a face like mine can bring humans together,” explains the Australian Shepherd. “Humans can learn a lot from their dogs and now is the time for dogs across the country to teach the art of unconditional love and respect.”

Seven is a four-year-old former show dog who was adopted by Oxnard resident Susan Hartzler. Since moving in with Susan, Seven has become a professional actor and model as well as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International. He is the official Therapy Dog for High Schools in Oxnard, CA where he brings his special kind of puppy love to kids. He is offering his services as a Therapy Dog to both Democrats and Republicans in his bid to “Bring America Together Again.”

His platform is a home for every dog and a bone for every dog. With that goal in mind, Seven has created a line of t-shirts and other political paraphernalia on sale at A percentage of all proceeds will go to help rescue dogs find forever homes. To support the canine candidate and dog rescue, visit To find out more about the canine candidate, visit his Instagram page at”

What do you think? Will she endorse me? I’ll let you know! Meantime, I hope I can count on your to support for my candidacy! Paws crossed.

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