Seven for President is the official website for Seven for President t-shirts and other political paraphernalia surrounding the canine candidate from the Puppy Party. A percentage of all proceeds will go to Life Animal Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and placing them in permanent, responsible, and loving homes.

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A percentage of all purchases will go to Life Animal Rescue

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Getting Support for my Candidacy

Can I count on you for support? Me and my Mom are very busy getting support for my candidacy right now. Today, we went to the post office to send a letter to Representative Osasio-Cortez asking for her endorsement. We sent her a t-shirt too! I hope she opens the letter. Here it is: “Dear […]

I Took The Indivisible Pledge

YOU CAN TOO! I’m supporting Indivisible in the effort to defeat Donald Trump. As a candidate for President of the United States, I signed the pledge today. You can too. Just visit this page. As a candidate, the pledge is a little different but the goal is the same. The first step for candidates is […]

Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs?

10 Reasons Why the Answer is YES With more states legalizing cannabis use for humans, pet owners are wondering: is CBD oil good dogs? According to Dogs Naturally, the complete online resource for natural canine health care, leading holistic vets agree that your dog can reap many benefits from CBD oil, some even life-saving. Here […]